The Rombo Code Sevilla

The Rombo Code Sevilla - The mystery of "El Quijote"Would you like to try an Escape Room?

Challenge your mind! Do you dare?

Puzzles to solve and 60 minutes to get out. Would you like to challenge yourself?

Would you prefer to have fun in team competitions?

This activity is for a minimum of 2 people, but rooms can fit up to 6. There are several rooms, so you can split yourselves into different group if you prefer. In this case, escaping in less than 60 minutes isn’t enough, but escaping before the other team does would be your extra goal.

The Price goes from 12.75 euros to 24 euros depending on the number of participants.

The mystery of “El Quijote”

One chapter of the book was never published. It was apparently hidden and now you have the chance to find it!

Casanova’s Runaway

Mr. Rombo disappeared while in search of the famous spy, Casanova. Did he leave any trail that can help you find him?


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