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Sevilla Walking Tours began as a one person (Concepción) company in 1999. Aware of how difficult it was for tourists to find their way in town, good places to eat, or the best shops to browse, I decided to design a tour which was both informative, entertaining and would combine all those tips which can make a difference when visiting a city.

As the company (and family) grew, Alfonso started giving me a hand and with Mercedes, we became a team of three. Marina joined us in 2018 and Clara helps us frequently. After so many years, we continue to work with the same philosophy, energy and love for our city. We are officially licensed guides and locals, happy to show you around.

Sevilla Walking Tours
Conce Sevilla Walking Tours


I was born in Sevilla and have spent my whole life in this city. After obtaining my degree in Tourism, I worked in many related areas, such as a, tour operator, for travel agencies and for hotels.

After realizing that the most enjoyable part of my work was dealing with travellers, I decide to become a tour guide. I studied, passed the exams and earned my guiding license in 1999. I have been leading tours ever since and enjoying it every day.

I love sharing the city’s history with visitors but particularly enjoy talking about its life, food, curiosities and whatever people find interesting and vital for their own Sevilla experience.

Jose Alfonso Sevilla Walking Tours

Jose Alfonso

I was born in Sevilla in 1974. At the age of two, I went to the USA with my parents and we spent two years in Madison while my father was researching at the University of Wisconsin. Maybe those years influenced me because I am a cheese fan and I love the music of Prince, who was preparing his first album when I was living there, so close to Minneapolis.

After that my family lived in the countryside in a big farm outside Sevilla. Later, we moved to the city and I started studying history of the Middle Ages for five years at university. In 1999 I created my own tour company, and I earned an official license for guiding tours in 2001. I like giving personal tours and showing the visitors not only what they visibly see, but I also enjoy talking about the inside life of the city and the locals…. what we like to call the hidden Sevilla: cloister convents, legends, old tapas bars, and much more.

Mercedes Sevilla Walking Tours


I was born in Sevilla in 1970 and spent my life outside the big city, in a small town very close to the countryside. From that time, my memories are of rice fields, olives trees, the bleating of wild bulls and the croaking of frogs. However, not very far away there was a city that smelled different with an aroma of azahar (orange blossom). I discovered Sevilla when I decided to study tourism there.

During my studies I had several work experiences in different sectors of the tourism industry, such as in hotels, travel agencies, and conferences.

Soon I realized that I wanted to show this beautiful city to the world. Therefore, I became an official tour guide in 1996. And I had the opportunity to work with visitors from many different countries and know the particularities of each. I love sharing our history, also our everyday life and traditions.


Marina Sevilla Walking Tours


My name is Marina, I was born and raised in Sevilla. Sharing my love for this city is one the things that I like the most. That’s probably the reason why I decided to study Tourism at the University of Sevilla. I got my degree in 2009 and I have worked in several hotels. It was behind a reception when I realized that helping the visitors to make the most of their time in Sevilla and sharing my knowledge about the city was what I enjoyed the most.

I love travelling and have visited lots of different cities, enough to understand what a visitor is looking for when you are visiting our city. 

Apart from that, I was raised by a truly local and a foreign. My mother was born in El Arenal, probably one of the neighborhoods with an stronger character here in Sevilla, and my father is from Mexico. I can share those two points of views of the city, from the point of view of a truly local, and from the point of view of a visitor who finally fell in love with this city.

Clara Alarcón Sevilla Walking Tours


I was born in the city centre of Sevilla, just a few steps from the Royal Alcázar and the Cathedral. On my way to school, I loved to discover hidden alleys and try different paths, always curious about new places. When I later graduated in Geography and History (Art History) from the University of Sevilla, learnt much more about our past, the importance of the city I was raised in and could appreciate better our rich cultural heritage.

We very often spent our summer abroad, as my parents put a great value on foreign languages. That is something I will always be thankful for; it has been fundamental for my different jobs. In 2018, I got my licence as a tourist guide. I had a lot to offer: my background in history and art history, my personal experiences and love for my city and, above all, I was determined to show the visitor an authentic Sevilla and provide them the best experience of the city, always trying to meet the client’s needs, offering accurate and updated information, result of a continuous learning. Apart from that, I also like visitors to feel and enjoy the daily life, our traditions, celebrations and our gastronomy. In other words, I try to offer them an unforgettable experience.


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